Grandma's Medicine- Onion + Sugar Cough Syrup

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Remember when your Nana would always make things FEEL better? I do! There didn't seem to be a cough, ache or rash she didn't have the answer too. Now is no different really. Our elders KNEW the truth about common food and how it could make us feel better. They didn't have access to New Zealand Honey, expensive antibiotics or the latest trend in healing (all of which I appreciate) but there is something to be said about going in your kitchen and whipping up a cough syrup and feeling better within hours.

Heres Grandma's Cough Syrup


1 white onion (purple works too if thats all you have)

White granulated sugar (this does not have to be Organic or Raw)


Peel and slice onion and place in a pan on low heat. Allow onion to simmer (not fry) add a little water (just enough so the onions dont scorch the pan) add sugar liberally to form a syrup. After about 7 minutes you will see a syrup being to form. Strain the onions from the mixture and pour into a container. Take a spoonful of this syrup every hour until coughing and congestion begin to subside.

No Heat Method

Slice and Peel onion and layer in a jar or on a small plate. Cover onions with sugar and allow to sit for 3 hours or until you see the juice from the onion start to collect at the bottom of the plate. Take a spoonful of this syrup every hour until coughing and congestion begin to subside.

This recipe is great for babies 1 year and older and those who simply want to turn to more natural remedies and have kitchen essentials on had.

Storage: You can safely store the mixture for 2 days in the fridge. The mixture adds more benefit if administered warm as when cold and congestion are present we want to avoid cold foods and drinks. It's probably best to make the mixture fresh daily when needed.



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