5 Essential skincare tips for Fall

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Fall is the season of turnover. For the trees, plants and for our skin as well. It's when we have a tendency to notice dry, flaky skin and we bury ourselves under furry blankets and mounds of pumpkin spice scents to make it all better.

I've got a solution for you.

Consider these 5 essential skincare tips to improve the appearance of your skin and make you GLOW from the inside out.

1. Skincare is based FIRST on what we eat and drink. Get your hydration from water, herbal teas, electrolytes and fresh seasonal fruits and veggies.

2. Dry Brush the skin before showering or bathing to help with dead skin exfoliation.

3. Consider body and facial massages to move the lymphatic system while increasing blood flow to the face and body for a glow thats visibly coming from the inside out.

4. Use hydrating body cleansers with added brightening benefits such as our Turmeric and Lemon Bar soap as well as our gently exfoliating and deeply moisturizing Banana, Oat and Honey Bar soap.

5. Follow up with a moisturizer that matches your needs. Consider our Eczema Creme for unscented skin relief from eczema or excessive dryness.

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