Oil of Oregano

Oil of Oregano

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Our Oil of Oregano is Ready-to-Take and is in an Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Carrier! This commonly used herb, with use dating back thousands of years, may be a great traditional remedy to keep nearby. 

Oil of Oregano has been used to treat a variety of yeast and parasitic infections in the body. Clinical research shows it has been effective against antibiotic resistant ready ingestion and supports respiratory and gut health. 

*Disclaimer* The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Spiritual makes no claims about curing any disease from this product. 

Ingredients: Organic Oregano infused (Aerial parts) Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vitamin E. 

How to Take: Shake Well.  Adults take up to 5 DROPS 3 times per day. Pregnant and nursing mothers should AVOID Oil of Oregano. This product is not intended for children. 

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