Is it a Salve or a Balm?

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A salve and a balm are both types of topical ointments used for various purposes, but they do have some slight differences.

A salve is typically a semi-solid substance that contains healing properties and is applied to the skin to soothe, protect, or promote healing. Salves are often made from natural ingredients, such as herbs, oils, and beeswax, and they have a thicker consistency compared to balms.

On the other hand, a balm is also a topical ointment, but it often has a softer and more spreadable texture compared to a salve. Balms are commonly used for moisturizing and nourishing purposes, especially for dry or chapped skin. They are usually made from ingredients like plant oils, butters, and essential oils.

While both salves and balms serve similar purposes for skincare and healing, salves are typically thicker and more focused on healing properties, while balms are often softer and more focused on moisturizing and nourishing the skin. You can easily customize any balm to give it more healing properties while retaining the texture you desire. Balms and salves can be customized with essential oils and herb infusions.

Spi-RITUAL is gearing up to launch 2 herbal healing salves and 1 respiratory supporting balm. 

Simply Soothe Salve- An herb infused salve crafted to shorten the duration of oral and genital sores. Heals, soothes and repairs the skin. 

Stretch and Flex- The all natural solution for achy muscles and pain. Infused with blood circulating and pain relieving herbs this salve will save the day and make the pain go away.

Breathe Easy Balm- A respiratory supporting balm crafted to ease chest congestion from colds and infections.




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