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Materia Medica means "The study of origin and properties of remedial substances used in medicine". Herbal knowledge is an ongoing form of study. With over 17,000 native plants to the United States alone and millions globally its safe to say we continue to learn and grow everyday as herbalists and those interested in using plants for health, beauty and comfort.

Learn Your Herbs will be a LIVE event that occurs every Sunday at 2pm EST on Instagram (follow me there @hellospiritualco). Every Sunday I'll discuss a specific herb, its uses, originations and ways to use to practically in your everyday life.

I hope you'll join me in exploring the beautiful plants and how they serve us many purposes.

One of my favorite herbs is PLANTAIN LEAF. Its a heck of a skin healer and eczema soother. Plantain leaf is featured in our Eczema Bar and Eczema cremes which you can see here:

Chat soon.


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    I had no idea of the amount of herbs in the US and around the world! Our SKIN is so important to maintain, and you sharing this incredibly beneficial knowledge to heal and protect it will certainly HELP so many, including myself.
    Thank you for always sharing HEALTHY information that makes a world of difference to so many!

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