Disinfecting Yoni Steam

Disinfecting Yoni Steam

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The disinfecting yoni steam formula is a great way for those who have irregular vaginal discharge and infections to holistically reduce symptoms. The uterus and vagina are self-cleaning organs which cleanse everyday and using the disinfecting herb formula can aid in that process. 

Who should use this product?

Irregular Discharge or Smell: If you are noticing that your vaginal discharge is anything but clear with little to no odor, it may be considered irregular. The disinfecting herb formula can help get that discharge back to the normal color of mostly clear and back to the normal smell of mostly neutral. 

Infections: The Disinfecting Herb formula can help with an infections of the vagina you may have. This includes yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, HPV or any abnormal vaginal bacteria. 

Ingredients: Calendula Whole flower, Sage, Oregon grape root, Lavender and Oregano. All herbs are organic and the complete formula is handcrafted with care and respect.

Size 2oz - Enough for 20 steam sessions. I recommend 1/4 cup per steam session.

Steaming is not recommended for pregnant women, women with active fresh bleeding, women who have not yet had their first menstrual cycle and or women with IUD birth control devices as steaming can dislodge the device.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Spiritual-RITUAL makes no claims to treat, cure or reverse any disease*

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