Plantain Leaf: More than a Weed

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Plantain Leaf not to be confused with the banana like vegetable is a miraculous healing plant. Plantain literally grows everywhere from sides of the roads, forests and backyards. It is known as the first aid plant of the wild because chewing its leaves and applying it to the skin can instantly relieve insect bites, draw out bee stings and soothe inflammation from rashes and skin disorders. Using infused Plantain Leaf has provided my Eczema Creme and Eczema Bar soap with excellent results in the management of Eczema flareups, skin scrapes and general dry skin issues. 

Plantain leaf can also be INGESTED. Internally Plantain Leaf draws excess heat from the body (its energetically astringent) and soothes digestive membranes. It remains an excellent choice to tighten the bowels and help ease diarrhea (another reason it was so popular in the wild and among Folk medicine practitioners). Due to these properties its an excellent herb to help manage IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) and leaky gut. 

I could go on and on about its plentiful benefits but for now I'll leave you with this. Plaintain Leaf is so much more than a backyard weed. Plantain will be one of those herbs we discuss and use for as long as Mother Nature allows and every time I harvest a bit or buy from a small farm, I say a little prayer of thanks.

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